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Lawyers You’ll Actually Like

There are a lot of lawyers out there, and prospective clients often want to know what makes us different. Our view is that people should choose a lawyer that they feel comfortable with, and that they believe will achieve the best result for them. We’ve built our firm by developing long-term relationships with our clients. Most come to us because they’ve been referred by people they trust—our previous clients or lawyers we work with. They stay with us because they value our unique and effective approach to their legal problems.

We see both sides

We work regularly with both individual employees and employers in a wide range of employment matters. We believe that this familiarity with both sides gives us a broad perspective and makes us powerful advocates for all of our clients.

We fight hard

We achieve the results we do because we enjoy fighting hard for the right result. The devil is in the details, but details can get overlooked when a practice is based on volume. Ours isn’t. Instead, we focus our attention on attacking challenging legal problems with expertise and integrity, and fighting vigorously for the best results for our clients.

We make it personal

Whether we are providing strategic advice or litigating an employment law case, our goal is to work with our clients in a way that works for them. Open and clear communication is key, as is thoughtful and in-depth analysis. We personalize our communications to our clients, so that the work we do for them is practical, meaningful and readily understood.

We understand that costs matter

We know that all clients are concerned about the costs involved in working with a lawyer. We ensure that our clients understand the costs involved in pursuing their cases.

We’re committed to our community

We like working with non-profits and charities, so much so that we offer a reduced rate to these organizations. It’s our way of supporting the work they do. In fact, not only do we handle their workplace issues, but we’ve also developed expertise in other areas that are specific to this sector.

We are passionate about what we do

We formed Karimjee Greene LLP as a boutique employment law and litigation firm because we wanted to practise our way. We measure our success every day by asking ourselves if we are doing our best work for clients we enjoy working with.