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Terminations and Severance Package Review

For employees, we provide comprehensive severance package review and strategy. Many employees wrongly assume that when they are terminated, they are only entitled to their minimum entitlements under the Employment Standards Act or Canada Labour Code. This is often not true.

In our initial consultation process, we review the severance package, discuss the terms of employment and explain what a fair severance package would be, based on the specific circumstances. We then work closely with employees to develop a strategy to obtain enhancements to the package while minimizing costs to the employee. Because we specialize in employment law, we have in-depth knowledge of the relevant issues and considerations, as well as extensive knowledge of leading cases and developments in this area of the law.

On the employer side, once the decision to terminate has been made, we help employers through the process of preparing the severance package, advising on the appropriate amount to offer the employee, drafting the termination letter and release, and finalizing the severance agreement. Working closely with employers, we develop thoughtful, practical strategies to minimize their risk when faced with the need to terminate employees.

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