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Human Resources Support and Training

We take the role of ‘trusted advisor’ seriously. We recognize that it is sometimes necessary to engage in litigation, and we have a strong track record in that area. But we also help our clients manage workplace issues before they become legal problems. We do this by providing timely and practical behind-the-scenes advice throughout the employment relationship.

From drafting employment contracts that will minimize the costs of termination down the road, to developing workplace policies that effectively deal with a host of issues in the workplace, such as bullying, workplace harassment and social media use, we work with our employer clients to put the documents and processes in place that will assist them in proactively managing human resource issues.

When problems do arise, we provide sound recommendations for how best to manage performance issues and, if the time comes, we help our clients through the process of preparing the severance package, advising on the appropriate amount to offer the employee, drafting the termination letter and release, and finalizing the severance agreement. We do this all with a view to minimizing both cost and stress.

Our clients have a lot of on their plates, and the world of human resources and employment law is constantly changing. To help our clients keep abreast of their obligations as well as best practices, we also provide relevant, ongoing training that is geared to the specific needs of their workplace.

Not sure where to start? We can conduct a full employment audit to assess your needs – we offer this service for a flat-fee so that you know what you’re signing up for before you begin.

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