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Employment Contracts

Written employment contracts are often extremely important in defining the terms and conditions of an employment relationship. Unfortunately, it’s an area where mistakes are often made.

Too frequently, employees sign contracts without having legal counsel review them first, only to find—at the end of the employment relationship—that they have signed away important rights. On the employer side, many employers work with templates that are often out of date, fail to meet legal requirements or are overreaching. As a result, employers often have difficulty enforcing the contracts, or they find that the contracts were inadequate to begin with. The end result is that the contracts that were meant to protect them fail to protect their business interests.

A lack of attention at the time that contracts are entered into often leads to significant disputes – disputes that could likely be avoided. At Karimjee Greene LLP, we draft customized employment contracts for employers to address the unique circumstances of their workplace.

For employees, we review and negotiate employment contracts with a view to protecting employee rights during and after the employment relationship. In addition, we are often called upon, on referral from full service firms, to provide independent counsel to executives on employment contracts within the context of commercial transactions.

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