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How Do You Provide Housing for the Chronically Homeless?

One small non-profit has found a way to provide housing for the chronically homeless, but it has to get innovative to cut through the Toronto bureaucracy’s red tape. Read the full article here.

By Karimjee Greene LLP December 28, 2017

When the Doctor’s Note is not Enough: Employer Requests for Independent Medical Examinations

By Nabila Qureshi As discussed in a previous post, disability-related accommodation requests can be a challenge in terms of balancing the employer’s right to medical information about the employee with the employee’s own right to privacy. Employers are entitled to request medical information in order to determine the appropriate accommodation for employees. However, there may […]

By Karimjee Greene LLP April 3, 2017

Policy Statement Released by OHRC Provides Guidance on Medical Documentation for Disability Claims

Kumail Karimjee was recently quoted in an article outlining the types of medical documentation required when a disability claim is made for accommodation. To read the full article and the OHRC policy statement, click here.

By Karimjee Greene LLP March 6, 2017

Uber Drivers Claim They Are Employees

A provincial review of workplace laws could overtake a class-action lawsuit by Canadian Uber drivers who want the company to recognize them as employees. The recently filed proposed class action is the latest in a series of suits brought in various jurisdictions alleging Uber drivers are employees, rather than independent contractors, as the ride-sharing company currently categorizes […]

By Karimjee Greene LLP March 3, 2017

18th Annual Employment Law Summit

Kumail Karimjee is honoured to be co-chairing the Law Society of Upper Canada’s upcoming 18th Annual Employment Law Summit.  The seminar will take place on October 18, 2017. More information to come.

By Karimjee Greene LLP February 24, 2017

15th Annual Current Issues in Employment Law

Kumail Karimjee will be speaking at the Ontario Bar Associations 15th Annual Current Issues in Employment Law seminar on strategies for managing professionalism challenges in employment mediation. The seminar will take place on May 4, 2017. See full program agenda here.

By Karimjee Greene LLP

What Can an Employer Request from an Employee for Disability-Related Accommodation Requests?

When an employee makes a disability-related request for accommodation, the employer has a legal duty to accommodate the request up to the point of undue hardship. However, problems can arise when an employee provides medical documentation too ambiguous to support the request, or when an employer requests more medical information than is required to determine […]

By Karimjee Greene LLP February 23, 2017

Why It’s Hard to Match Mediator with Dispute

Kumail Karimjee wrote an article for The Lawyer’s Weekly about the challenges associated with matching a mediator to a dispute.  There is considerable diversity in the way that mediation is practiced.  There is a range of styles, techniques and approaches used.  Greater transparency about style and participation by parties in the design of the mediation […]

By Karimjee Greene LLP February 12, 2016

Lawyer’s Battle for His Bonus Headed to OCA

Kumail Karimjee was recently quoted in a Law Times article regarding a lawyer who missed out on a six-figure bonus. after a judge found a restrictive limitation clause in his contract to be enforceable. Read this Law Times article and Kumail’s thoughts on the subject here.  

By Karimjee Greene LLP November 19, 2015

Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) 2015 Conference

Kumail Karimjee recently spoke at the HRPA Conference about mental health and the duty to accommodate. Read more about the HRPA here.

By Karimjee Greene LLP October 22, 2015